Intelligent control can light thousands of lights——Haoyuan Huineng's Entrepreneurship

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Intelligent control can light thousands of lights——Haoyuan Huineng's Entrepreneurship

Hundreds of years ago, people never imagined that life could be made very easy through technology. "Electricity" is an important bridge for its transformation. With the continuous progress of human science, electricity, as one of the most important energy sources in society, is constantly showing us its importance. Recently, Liu Weixuan, chairman of Tianjin Haoyuan Huineng Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the recording of entrepreneurship, and jointly discussed what convenience the smart grid has brought to our lives.

Liu Weixuan has been engaged in the power industry for nearly ten years and has successively participated in and operated many power projects. In the second half of 2015, he founded Tianjin Haoyuan Huineng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haoyuan Huineng) and settled in Baodi District. Aspire to be the guardian of the energy industry. Recalling this entrepreneurial road, Liu Weixuan was filled with emotion: "in fact, at the beginning of Haoyuan's establishment, we defined our corporate culture, that is, industry leader, shaping a century old brand, import substitution and market coverage at home and abroad. Science and technology are our eternal development direction."

In the program, Liu Weixuan talked about strengthening talent management. With the rapid development of enterprises in recent years and the rapid growth of the market, product quality, technical iteration, personnel support, talent management and other aspects are facing great adjustment and improvement. In his opinion, the core lies in talent management. Enterprises, just like its word, no one can stop. Talents are the core and blood of enterprises. While doing a good job in talent introduction, the company pays special attention to the construction of talent platform, establishes talent career planning path and talent promotion mechanism, provides talent development space, and increases the introduction of senior managers and senior R & D talents, It is the corporate culture of our enterprise for talent management. Only talent support can be easily solved for products and technology.

The 21st century is no longer the competition of information industry, but the competition of energy industry. Electricity occupies a very important position. At the same time, the wide application of electricity also provides great convenience for our daily life. According to the 14th five year plan recently released by the state, "carbon peak and carbon neutralization" is a national strategy for long-term development, and the power industry is the first. With the continuous improvement of the national power technology level, it has higher requirements for power intelligence, intelligence and Internet of things, and also brings greater market opportunities. Haoyuan Huineng is committed to the construction of intelligent power grid, In the construction of distribution automation and intelligent substation, the company ranks at the forefront in the subdivided fields such as fault prevention, fault judgment and fault isolation, and the brand effect has been preliminarily formed. The company's product philosophy is to continue to give full play to its technical advantages, drive the market with science and technology, actively layout power intelligence and industrial Internet of things, and further enhance the company's brand and industry influence.

Electrification, digitization and intelligence are the development direction of modern society. If intelligence is the brain of modern society and digitization is the nerve, then power can be regarded as the blood of modern society - providing a strong driving force for modern society. The power industry itself is beginning a profound and great transformation process in these three aspects.

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