Good news | Haoyuan Huineng was recognized and won the 2021 China excellent employer brand

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On December 15, the 12th China (Beijing) human resources Expo Beijing station with the theme of "fusion, peers and the future" was grandly held. Haoyuan Huineng, as the winner of 2021 "China excellent employer brand", was invited to attend and participate in the on-site award.

The acquisition of the employer brand represents the recognition of the company's social behavior and social responsibility, the recognition of the company's high performance and employees' high engagement, and the recognition of the company's efforts and efforts in creating a cultural atmosphere and talent training. Haoyuan Huineng stands out among hundreds of enterprises under the witness of all sectors of society and is among the outstanding employers in China in 2021.

The employer brand is not only the image of the enterprise, but also the positive feeling of employees. It can not only bring a strong sense of belonging to internal employees, but also have a strong attraction to external talents, peers in the industry and students, making them yearn to join an enterprise with a good employer brand.

Excellent employer image, like excellent product brand, can also bring favorable financial returns to enterprises. The global management consulting giant Watson Wyatt's global "excellent employer survey" found that in 2000, when the network economy was booming, the three-year overall shareholder return of excellent employers was 108%, while that of ordinary employers was 66%, close to twice that of ordinary employers; In the global economic downturn in 2002, the number of excellent employers was 24%, while that of ordinary employers was 8%. The financial return of excellent employers was exactly three times that of ordinary employers! This shows that the more the employer brand shows its power in the period of economic depression.

Employer brand is the cornerstone of enterprise competitive advantage. The quality, incentive level and performance commitment of enterprise human resources play an important decisive role in the competitive advantage of enterprises in the product market. Employer brand is the embodiment of the emotional relationship between enterprises and employees, which determines employees' job satisfaction, cultural identity and job responsibility in the enterprise, thus affecting the quality of enterprise products and services; The employer brand is the reservoir of excellent talents. The employer brand will become a banner in the human resources market and attract excellent talents to apply for joining. There are many talents in the enterprise's talent pool and become the reservoir of talents.

Haoyuan Huineng always pays attention to the cultivation and management of talents. The company believes that talents are the core and blood of the enterprise. While doing a good job in talent introduction, the company pays special attention to the construction of talent platform, establishes talent career planning path and talent promotion mechanism, provides talent development space, and increases the introduction of senior managers and senior R & D talents, which is the corporate culture of our enterprise for talent management. Only talent support can be easily solved for products and technology.

Based on the talent concept of Haoyuan Huineng, the company's R & D team is led by a number of doctors and experts graduated from China Academy of electrical Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and North China Electric Power University, focusing on and deeply cultivating the field of smart grid, and maintaining highly close long-term scientific research cooperation with China Academy of electrical Sciences, universities, power grid companies and scientific research institutions.

Haoyuan Huineng won this award, which is an affirmation of the corporate culture that Haoyuan Huineng has always practiced for a long time, creating a healthy workplace environment, constantly improving the health care and vocational skill training for employees, so that the enterprise and employees can advance and retreat together and develop together.

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