Sales Skills System training camp officially opened

From:未知 AddTime:2021-07-28


Based on the training and investigation of the sales team’s sales skills, combined with the external system training course introduced by the training department, our company takes the building of Haoyuan’s unique marketing iron army as the main line, tailor-made a “To win sales iron army sales skills system training camp”training program, and held as scheduled.


Haoyuan is committed to sales team training and training system construction, each training, is the accumulation of experience. So far the sales team has completed the knowledge of Product Knowledge Training and business fundamentals (sales tool kit) training courses. This training camp is aimed at sales mentality and skills training, which is the most popular sales skills training program.


The training in this period will focus on the five core skills of influencing sales staff, understanding customer psychology and sales rules, how to make an absolute deal with strangers, improving customer objection handling skills, and key customer relationship management strategy, after training and simulation exercises, each participant in the training has benefited greatly.


Haoyuan continues to adhere to the “Striver-based, competent, mediocre under, long-term hard struggle, continuous self-criticism”concept of talent. We value talent, more attention to talent training, we enter each Haoyuan staff, will be professional and systematic training, not limited to should know the content, enterprise workflow, safety education, job skills. So that each employee’s knowledge, skills, work methods, work attitude and work values are improved and enhanced, so as to maximize the potential to achieve enterprise and individual development.

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